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Rustic Living

This collection has been created with pieces that will fit into modern classical style.  It has a Rustic feel created by the wooden elements in the furniture and the Silver/ nickel elements give it a modern metallic twist.

A rustic, authentic and handmade feel is derived from the Furniture Collection, featuring pine construction; individual planks are used to create these products producing a homely, worn vibe. The product bases are lightly brushed with a moody, warm and timeless grey hue allowing the grain of the wood to still be visible; this is complemented with the natural pine top bringing the whole look together. With simple, clean lines an organic feel is created and each piece is finished with silver handles. The Furniture Collection is sure to stand the test of time both in style and quality.

Other pieces of the furniture are available to order via our Enquiry Form. Dining Table and Chairs, Sideboard, and Book Case just to name a few.

For soft furnishings the Quarzite – James Hare Fabric and Cubic Pebble – Iliv fabric were chosen to complement the Style (see Mood-Board). Roman blinds and Curtains can be made on request via our Enquiry form.

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