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The Importance of Sustainability and using Natural Materials in Interior Design

Sustainability and the importance of protecting our planet is top of the agenda for the majority of industries; as businesses try to make their processes and products sustainable for their customers.  According to research from Statista*, 49% of consumers stated that producers should make their products more sustainable and are considering how they can make their own homes eco-friendly to protect the environment for future generations.  Here at Alle Interiors, we realise the importance of sustainability and using natural materials in interior design and we therefore, create bespoke quality soft-furnishings that are made to last.

 Whilst the fast-fashion brands continue to thrive; with IKEA seeing a 6.3% increase in sales for 2021 compared to the previous year, individuals and global leaders have been looking at consumer behaviour and the impact on future generations therefore, forcing interior designers and home decor brands to consider how their work will impact the planet.  In recent years consumers have become obsessed with having the latest home interior ‘trends’; which only increased during the pandemic when homeowners spent more money and time than ever updating their homes. However, as these products are mass produced and manufactured so cheaply; it also unfortunately means they are easily disposed of when they are no longer on ‘trend’ resulting in a negative impact on the environment.

The popularity of second-hand selling sites such as Vinted, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are now increasing as homeowners look at ways to purchase second-hand furniture or upcycle older furniture to update it and give it a longer life. Eco-friendly products are becoming more wide-spread as more big homeware brands make the move to manufacture products made from longer lasting materials including furniture made from reclaimed wood and clothing made from recycled plastic bottles.

When it comes to the fabrics you choose for your soft-furnishings; Alle Interiors hand-make our curtains, Roman blinds, pelmets and cushions using a variety of natural materials.  In the past year man-made fabrics like polyester and nylon have taken over the market due to their lower prices. However, the manufacturing process for them involves more energy and therefore, gives off harmful greenhouse gases during their production and they are also not biodegradable due to the level of plastic content they contain.

Natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool and silk all have a higher price point, but are kinder to the environment, easily recycled and biodegradable. The most environmentally friendly fabric for soft furnishings is linen; as it is not only highly durable for both drapes and upholstery, but it also takes the least processing and becomes softer the more it is used. Organic cotton is the second most environmentally friendly fabric and is known to improve soil quality when grown sustainably.

If you choose linen or cotton for your upholstery; opt for natural colours that do not involve any dying processes, as these are highly damaging to the environment along with pure white fabrics which can only be achieving via a very harsh bleaching process. Wool is another option as it has great thermal properties, is fire resistant and looks fantastic when used for window dressings and upholstery work.  Natural fabrics also have the extra benefits of having thermal properties, drape so much better than synthetic options and look more attractive visually.

When considering curtain poles for your soft furnishings, ensure that the wood is sustainably sourced and look out for the logo which indicates their ecological credentials.  Alle Interiors like to promote the use of natural materials to be used in soft furnishings as much as possible to help the environment and we also advocate products that are long-lasting and sustainable including the wooden blinds and shutters we recommend on our website.

Alle Interiors use a number of different sustainable suppliers for the materials we use to hand-make our curtains, Roman blinds, pelmets and cushions and the different supplier collections can be viewed here: –

James Hare for Silkshttps://www.james-hare.com/collections/

Phillipo Uecher for Linenhttps://filippouecher.it/new-collections/

Moons for Woolshttps://www.moons.co.uk/furnishings/domestic/

Villa Nova for Cottonshttps://www.villanova.co.uk/collections

Alle Dekenah, our Principle Interior Designer and Soft Furnisher has worked in the Interior Design business for years prior to setting up her own business gaining invaluable experience, and worked closely with companies such as Laura Ashley, James Hare and Silent Gliss. Over time Alle realised the need to be able to source good quality accessories and furniture from carefully selected suppliers to customers far and wide.

We can all play our part by making changes to the way we live from eco-homes, the sourcing of our supplies and renewable energy through to the furniture we choose for our homes and the clothing we wear. This is where the team at Alle Interiors are passionate about sustainability both in the way we work and the products we offer to our customers.

For more information on the services Alle Interiors offer; please go to www.alle-interiors.co.uk where you can also look through all the interior design products and collections, we offer to help make your house a home.

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