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Top 9 Interior Design Trends to look out for in 2024

A new year is not only an opportunity for new beginnings, or as the common English phrase says, “out with the old, in with the new”, it is also when us ‘interior design bods’ get the opportunity to discover the predicted new interior design trends. Of course, this does not mean that you need to completely revamp your home every year, as that would just be plain crazy (and very expensive), but it is more the chance to view the latest trends and visualise how they could work in your home alongside your existing style. If your head feels like it could explode with all the options available, Alle Interiors are here with our Top 9 Interior Design Trends to look out for in 2024.

As fashion changes each year, so do interior design trends, but it’s important to remember that not every outfit will work for every person out there, as indeed not every trend will work for your individual home. Sometimes, much as we may love a particular design trend, if it does not actually complement the age or style of your home, it will look ridiculous. Therefore, it is essential to consider which trends will work (and more importantly compliment your existing style) and to remember that a well-designed home should tell your individual story and reflect your personality rather than just being ‘on-trend’.

1. Quiet Luxury
Our first trend for 2024 is predicting a move to spaces in your homes that are sophisticated and classy, yet also comfortable and liveable. Think designer luxury, but with an added layer of contemporary cosiness. Quiet Luxury embraces a constructivist, minimalistic style that signals to mid-century modern designs, but with an added prominence on sculptural rather than functional values.

2. Sepia Tones (Brown and neutral tones)
The trend for Sepia tones, potentially influenced by 70’s photography, gives a warm, moody feel to contemporary design. The earthy, muted qualities of this colour palette provide a sense of calm and comfort which makes it increasingly popular in interior design. The tones also lend themselves well to natural materials, textile upholstery, and paint choices as they give a subtle yet impactful way to infuse spaces with a sense of history and warmth.

3. Textured walls
When it comes to the walls of our home, plain white or high-gloss finishes are out and it’s all about adding texture to your walls. But we are not talking about using paint or applying other finishes, this is more about using natural materials like Roman clay or limewash to bring depth and tactile qualities into living spaces. Rustic textures are a trend which celebrates the unique qualities and textures of materials like wood and stone and its connection to nature. Wood adds texture and warmth to walls and can be teamed with hardwood floors, exposed ceiling beams, and wooden furniture to create an overall tactile and inviting environment.

4. The one-wall kitchen
Kitchen design is constantly changing and there are so many differing options available to homeowners. However, it can often be limited, depending on the individual space you have available to work with, which is where the one-wall kitchen comes into its own. The design means coming up with the right balance between storage capacity, functionality and flow and not going too heavy on cupboards. Adding open shelving can provide not only a visual break but a space for decoration – important in what is essentially a functional space.

5. Using stripes in a new way
When it comes to stripes, they are a deceptive and versatile tool, and used cleverly they can widen, elongate, or heighten the proportions of your room. The current trend for Candy Cane stripes in appealing primary colours involves them being used to decorate floor-to-ceiling curtains, accent chairs, cushions, and ceramics and giving a very bold look to a room.

6. Spa inspired bathrooms – Spathroom
Whether you love or hate going to the spa, this interior design trend is great if you love to feel pampered and would love a relaxing haven in your own home. It uses bathroom materials including marble, stone, and quartz to replicate an indulgent spa experience. Fluffy robes, candles, plants, and mood lighting all contribute to the experience to give a feeling of relaxation.

7. Gentle boldness where curves meet straight lines
This 2024 trend is all about curves and softer shapes, which involves scalloped details on furnishings and upholstery or adding curves in the frame of a mirror. When it comes to furniture, curves are featured in the wood-carving details of an item of furniture or room accessories.

8. Colour drenching
If you have never heard of colour drenching, it is basically when you paint your entire room all in one colour. This includes your trim, walls, and ceiling along with any doors on the inside of the room. By going monochromatic with tone-on-tone colour, it can create a sophisticated and edited look which can look incredible if done properly.

9. Steel and aluminium
Steel and aluminium were previously used in interior design for purely functional applications, but the materials are now taking centre stage with their sleek and contemporary appeal and work in all styles of home. They are now being featured in accent pieces like coffee tables, lamps, and décor and emphasises a strength in these spaces and can give a room an industrial feel.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the interior design trends for 2024, and if there is anything Alle Interiors can help you with, please do get in touch.  From redesigning a particular room in your house or helping with the overall style and feel of your home interior, we would love to advise. Also please check out www.alle-interiors.co.uk to view our products and collections and the services we offer.

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Image credits: Haris Kenjar, Free Form Aluminium Lampby Six Dots Design, re-designdaily, Homebase, Christopher Stark, Michael P. H. Clifford, Douglas Friedman, founterior

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