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Why should you hire an Interior Designer for your home?

For many of us we love nothing more than grabbing a cuppa and catching up with the latest episode of a home design programme; watching in awe as they manage to completely change the look and style of a room or entire house. However, when it comes to our own homes; it can sometimes prove trickier to implement our dreams into reality. Often an idea you see in a magazine or online blog can look great in theory; but when transferred to your own home it may not always end up going to plan and could potentially prove to be a costly mistake. So, why should you hire an interior designer for your home and how can Alle Interiors help?

When you think of consulting an interior designer; you may be worried that they will come to your home and design your dining room, bathroom or bedroom to their own tastes, which is definitely not the case.  Hiring an interior designer is basically hiring a professional as you would do with a builder or a plumber. You are hiring them for their particular area of expertise, to help build on the ideas you already have, in order to come up with an inspiring and suitable solution.  A great interior designer will work with you to find out your likes and dislikes and your required outcome, whilst suggesting their own thoughts along the way.

Bringing years of experience to the table, they will have trained for between 3 – 5 years , learning how to sketch out room schemes and put together mood boards along with a multitude of other skills. This teamed with their extensive experience makes them better informed than most clients can ever be as to what will and won’t work. Having worked on countless projects; an interior designer will also know the best places to purchase the accessories and furniture you may be looking at therefore, saving you hours of trawling through websites and visiting furniture and accessory shops.

When it comes to decorating; it can sometimes prove daunting to even decide what colour scheme to choose that provides just the right ambience and mood you want to set for a particular room, let alone choosing all the furniture and accessories. This is where an interior designer really comes into their own by showing you which colours will work for your room; but also help you choose the right accessories and where they need to be placed.  A room could be painted plain white on the walls but be brought to life through the fabric and texture of a sofa, wallpaper on a feature wall/fireplace and by the clever use of accessories including cushions, throws, vases and photo frames.

Whether you have a modern, traditional or period home; an interior design expert will take into consideration the building’s architecture, age and use to show how you can either make the most of any features or help you reintroduce them if they have previously been ripped out. They will also work around any limitations you may have e.g., building regulations, plumbing and budget restrictions to help bring your ideas to life, and suggest alternative ideas that you may not have considered.

You may be asking; but what makes an interior designer different to a home store that offers blinds, curtains and other soft furnishings? The main and most important difference is the service and aftercare you will receive, which you will not get from just buying an off the shelf product.  As a homeowner, when you experiment with designs, you may find the curtains do not match your sofa or the furniture does not work with the paint shade you have chosen. Whereas an interior designer will know how to match everything in the room or home and will help you buy the right furniture, table, chairs and every item needed for your home. You will not get any of this knowledge by simply purchasing products from a high street store or online.

Alle Interiors is an independent interior design and styling company who provide a one-stop-shop for all your interior design and soft furnishing requirements. They are also a member of the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers (AMUSF). Customer satisfaction is of the utmost top priority and we pride ourselves on delivering high quality products which will bring customers happiness and a lasting experience like John below.

Testimonial – John D’Arcy
We wanted some ideas from a professional for our living room and Alle delivered. On the first visit, Alle got a feel for the room and discussed colour and theme preferences and showed us a wide range of quality wallpaper and curtain samples. After taking measurements and our choices, she told us that we would have a 2D/3D plan and a mood board within a week. She kept to her word and presented these a week later with everything itemised and details of where to source it all from. My wife and I were very pleased with the overall service that Alle provided and would highly recommend Alle Interiors.”

Whether you need help with one particular room or styling all the rooms in your home; this is where a professional can help.  Designing a home is not everyone’s idea of fun and an interior designer will do all the tasks from ordering materials through to making the final room look perfect. This will help reduce your stress and mean you can get the best quality work within a short time. Often homeowners think that hiring an interior designer will increase their overall budget; but in many cases it can actually save you from buying many things for your new home that are not actually required.

By choosing to work with a professional interior designer on your room or home project; they will not only help you create a beautiful and cosy space, but will also help prevent you making potentially costly mistakes. This therefore, actually ends up saving you time and money in the long run and could even add value to your property.

If you would like some advice on a particular room or perhaps the whole style of your home; this is where Alle Interiors can really help you make your house feel like a home. Please go to www.alle-interiors.co.uk to check out our products and collections and the services we offer.

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Alle Interiors is a small creative team providing a one-stop-shop for all your interior design and soft furnishing requirements with customer service their utmost priority.

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