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Top 5 Tips for Creating an Inspiring Work-friendly Office Space

Open plan Office with comfortable break out area

Working from home became part of everyday life for millions during the pandemic; as we juggled our work, home and childcare commitments to try and protect our health and that of the people around us. Although many workers eventually returned to the office, it marked a monumental shift in how businesses operated; as they recognised the personal benefits to their workers of working from home, and the cost benefits of not having to run an office building.  If you work from home, you will know the importance of having your own individual ‘space’, but may wish it was a more inspiring and motivating area to work from. This is where Alle Interiors can help with our top 5 tips for creating an inspiring work-friendly office space that will help you feel more motivated and therefore, more productive.

The pandemic completely changed how we view our homes and made us realise that we craved individual spaces to live, play (and work). Research from Zoopla found that nearly nine million bedrooms were lost during the pandemic as people adapted their properties. Nearly half (46%) of those who have made changes to their home have created a home office and more than half (58%) of these people planned to permanently keep it.  Builders were inundated during and after the pandemic for requests to build home offices in gardens, convert garages and build extensions – to give homeowners their own space away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

If you are lucky enough to have your own office at home – whether it is a bedroom, garage conversion or another room you have taken over, it is essential to put your mark on it. It needs to be your personal working space where you can concentrate and get on with your daily work so, here are some ideas for making your individual space work for you (whatever size it is).

  1. Choose comfortable furniture – We spend an average of 8 hours a day sitting at our desks, so, it is essential that we have quality, comfortable furniture including a chair that supports our body and a desk that meets our working requirements.

The Mendel Swivel Chair https://www.gallerydirect.co.uk/mendel-swivel-chair.html
A great example is the Mendel Swivel Chair from Gallery Direct; which has a compact design whilst still offering fantastic comfort.  It is upholstered in faux brown leather, has gas lift seat height adjustment and castors for easy manoeuvrability. If you prefer a different colour, it also comes in a charcoal colour, if this matches better to your colour scheme.

The Forden Deskhttps://www.gallerydirect.co.uk/forden-desk-grey.html#product-details
When it comes to desks, the Forden Desk is designed to give a cool, space conscious, apartment living vibe and is ideal in smaller interiors. The top and shallow drawer are finished in a calming grey wash which combines perfectly with the square black metal frame.  Alternatively, there is a brushed black version for a contemporary sophisticated look.

  1. Get the lighting correct
    Being shut away in an office all day with poor lighting is not good for your eyes or your overall mood, so, investing in quality lighting is essential. If you are lucky enough to have a window, position your desk so you can see out of the window and therefore, benefit from the natural light. Natural light helps improve both concentration and productivity and therefore, has a direct impact on your wellbeing. If there is little or no natural light available, try investing in a circadian lighting system which can help to regulate the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle and leads to enhanced sleep quality and better overall health. When it comes to energy efficiency, which we are all wary of at the moment, use LED bulbs where possible. Good lighting really does make such a difference in creating a comfortable and productive environment for your work.
  2. Bring Nature in (Biophilic Design)
    Working away in a room all day when you don’t have a commute to the office means you don’t get to appreciate the natural world. Bring the outside in and introduce some greenery in the form of natural plants or even a living wall as it will spread oxygen whilst helping to create a relaxed vibe. This is known as Biophilic Design and refers to the incorporation of elements such as daylight and planting and using natural materials like wood or stone. It is proven to have a positive effect on your wellbeing and productivity, with studies showing that the presence of plants can relieve stress levels by 37% and boost productivity by 15%.

Areca Palm Tree – https://alle-interiors.co.uk/product/areca-palm-tree/
If however, you are not green-fingered, this Areca Palm Tree will transform your space into a tranquil oasis. The real thing are notoriously difficult to grow but with this replica, you instantly get the look and feel you want with no maintenance and it is available in two sizes to fit your space perfectly.

Wood Veneers/Panelling – https://www.thewoodveneerhub.co.uk/
Another way to bring nature inside your work space is to add wood veneers or panelling to your office walls or ceiling.  Available in a vast array of colours and effects, there are panels available to suit all tastes and they are built to last as well as being very easy to install yourself. They instantly help transform your office into a refined, modern space.

  1. Bring colour into your space
    Everyone has a favourite colour that they love and that makes them happy, and your office space is the perfect place to use it to make a vast difference to your overall mental health and wellbeing. Choose a feature wall in your office to make a statement and then you can accessorise the rest of the room to match. This can be via cushions, vases, wall art, throws (if you have a comfy chair or sofa) and other soft furnishings.
  2. Make your space flexible
    Depending on the room you have available, it is beneficial to make your space flexible for how you work as a person. A good sized desk space is essential, with plenty of storage to make the space feel uncluttered and help you concentrate. If you have room it is useful to have a separate table space for meetings from home or just to use as a break-out space to work on ideas away from your computer. Plus an extra chair or two or a sofa for anyone who could pop in for a cuppa or a meeting.

Create a relaxing and personal space to work in
Your office space needs to reflect your personality; whilst being a relaxed and uncluttered space to work in where you can feel motivated and at your most productive. If you need a little help relaxing, invest in some quality candles or diffusers and check out our Candle and Fragrance collection at https://alle-interiors.co.uk/collections/candle__fragrance_collection/ which features some amazing scents including cotton, lavender, lime, basil & mandarin and white jasmine amongst many others. These scents will really help you relax whilst you work as well as make your office smell gorgeous.

If you are planning an office renovation or other design project for your home and would like any advice, please do just get in touch. You can also view our products, collections and the services we offer at www.alle-interiors.co.uk

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Image Credits: Haiken, Alle Interiors, Gallery Direct, Oktra

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