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Shutters – offering functionality and style for your home

When it comes to the windows of our homes; the options to dress them are endless – from window blinds and shades through to draperies, nets and curtains, all available in many styles, materials and colours. But have you ever considered shutters and do you know of the many benefits of installing them and that they can increase both the value and kerb appeal of your home?

Shutters have been around since the Victorian era and are now having a revival due to the many benefits, endless style and versatility they offer. In the past they protected homes from winds and storms; whilst also controlling brightness and shade, before the existence of electricity. They were also great for ventilation in the days when air-conditioning or fans did not exist.

In today’s modern homes, shutters are just as useful as they were in Victorian times, as they not only offer functional light control with adjustable panels and slats but also provide privacy and security. Even more important; with the ever-increasing energy prices we are currently experiencing, shutters have high-energy efficiency as they provide both shade and ventilation. From an aesthetic point of view, they not only boost the look of your home but add a touch of old-fashioned charm or modern beauty depending on the design you choose.

What is the difference between blinds and shutters?
With blinds, they are connected to the window recess and are removable; whereas shutters are built into the window frame. This means that shutters are usually sturdier and better suited on the outside of a window and last for a longer period of time. Blinds on the other hand are usually mounted on top of the window and hang down freely, operated by either a cord or a stick.

What are the benefits of shutters?
Shutters are one of the most functional window treatments available and benefits include:

Security – Shutters offer maximum privacy for your home from passers with their thick panels and vanes that cover your window from prying eyes. They are also very safe for children as have no dangling strings or cords that could be dangerous when played with.

UV Protection – Harmful UV rays can cause furniture to fade and therefore, shutters help keep your rooms’ interiors pristine by blocking the sun.

Energy-efficient – Energy saving is high on the agenda right now and shutters provide another layer of insulation in the winter months and shade from the bright sun in the summer months keeping your home as energy-efficient as possible.

Easy to clean – Unlike other shades or draperies that can be difficult to keep clean, shutters are simple and easy to clean. Just wipe the vanes and panels down with a damp soft cloth or dust rag to keep them looking like new.

Versatile – Shutters are easy to customise and can fit in spots that other window treatments might not work well in, including larger windows, arched windows and doors. You can also adjust the vanes and panels to filter the brightness levels to your personal preference.

Durability – Shutters have a heavy-duty structure and durable materials which are made to last and are therefore, an investment for your home.

Beauty — From classic wooden styles to contemporary designs that make a bold statement; shutters are incredibly aesthetic and have been a favourite of interior designers for years. Available in a variety of materials, and styles you can customise your shutters to suit any room.

Urban Shutters by Louvolite are a brand-new collection of stunning poly-silk vinyl window shading which offers functional styling with a contemporary flair. They not only enhance privacy without compromising on light control, but also create a striking statement from the outside. Shutters create a neat structure to the window, acting as a firm barrier against unwanted elements by providing excellent light filtering throughout the summer and helping to insulate your home during the winter.

Custom made in the UK; Urban Shutters have a lead-time of 2 weeks from order to fitting and fit most windows including doors and bay windows. If you are looking to make a contemporary style statement whilst maintaining functionality; by choosing Urban Shutters you will achieve all of the above benefits in addition to increasing the value and kerb appeal of your home.

For more information on Urban Shutters – please go to www.alle-interiors.co.uk for a brochure to look through the full range of different styles and colours available.

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