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How to Perfect Tablescaping to Create a Beautifully Styled Table

If the only ‘scaping’ your dining table currently partakes in is paperwork piling up or it acts as a dumping ground for the kids; then you may only dream of having a ‘Instagram perfect’ decorated table. However, the popular trend of table-setting or ‘tablescaping’ as it is known; is possible whatever your home or family situation, and is simply the art of dressing a table for social events. However, if you don’t know even where to begin; Alle Interiors are here to show you how to perfect Tablescaping to create a beautifully styled table.

What is tablescaping?

Tablescaping is simply the decorating of your table in a creative and beautiful way and can be achieved by anyone, no matter what size table you have. Traditionally it was just seen at a big formal event or at a wedding; but has now moved into everyday life for meals with family and friends. In its simplest everyday form, it can be a pretty vase of flowers, a potted plant in a beautiful pot or alternatively, it could be a sculpture that fits in with the interior decoration of your room.  At the other end of the scale; there is no limit to how far you can go. You can theme it for a wedding or special occasion or go all out with a heavily decorated Instagram worthy table.

Choosing a theme

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or a particular holiday season; you can have unlimited fun with your theme. Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are popular holidays; but it is now also becoming a trend to decorate your table for Valentine’s Day. With numerous decorations to choose from at Easter including mini Easter eggs, bunnies and seasonal flowers, this can look really pretty as it tends to use Spring pastel colours.  Christmas tends to be the holiday where people really go to town; from simple displays through to heavily decorated tables with every room decorated and coordinated. Some people even change the theme every Christmas. However, this can get very expensive; so, it is best to stick with decorating your table in line with your existing Christmas decorations. 

What colours do I choose?

The first port of call with any table decoration should be to choose your colour scheme as this will help bring your theme to life (if you have one). Try and keep it to 2 main colours and you can then add splashes of other colours as you go along.  For Christmas; you may choose reds, silvers, golds, but as mentioned tie it in with your overall Christmas colour scheme for your home. This can also apply at other times like Easter or if you are hosting a pre or post wedding meal and therefore, may have decorated other areas of your home. You may have a particular favourite flower you wish to include which then becomes your focal point and one of your main colours.

Remember to include your Tableware

Consider which crockery you intend to use from your plates, bowls and dishes. Although plain dishes are absolutely fine to use; sometimes it works to pick out individual colours in your crockery, napkins or placemats if you intend to use these for the event in question.

Have a centrepiece

By starting with a focal point for your decoration; it can help with your overall design; and then you can work outwards.  A starting point could be a bigger floral display (real flowers or artificial) and this would include your two main colours. Or maybe a candle or family photos; if it is significant to the occasion. Also consider the importance of your glassware and cutlery as these can all make a big difference to the overall finished result. Don’t worry about mixing patterns and textures as this can bring depth to it.

Bring the outdoors in

Get inspiration from the natural world as one tablescaping trend is to create a living runner of sprigs and branches all along the length of the table. This can look stunning; but just make sure you keep it low. Whether you prefer real or artificial flowers and foliage, is entirely up to your individual taste and style; but also depends if the particular flower you require is in season at the time.  Christmas time opens up all kinds of creative opportunities with flowers, berries, fir cones, holly and ivy and you can also have a garland centrepiece. 

What size is best for my decoration?

Although it can be tempting to go all out to impress with a considerable table decoration; this is fine as long as you have another table to move it to when you sit down to eat. If this is not the case; just make sure it’s not too high so that your guests can see over it and remember they do need to have room to eat. If you do add height in the form of candles; try and keep it to the centrepiece and avoid seating people central to it, so they can still see to talk to each other.

Don’t forget the little things

Adding little details to your decorations really shows how much thought you have put into it, from handmade name cards and fairy lights to folded napkins and matching placemats.  At Christmas you could also add little gifts to the table to make it even more memorable and match them to the centrepiece.

Be sustainable

By using items that you already have around the home or investing in items that you can use time and time again; you are doing your bit to help the environment rather than throwing napkins or other table objects away. By buying napkins in natural materials such as cotton and linen, although they cost more in the first instance, they are kinder to the environment, easily recycled and biodegradable.

Be brave with your creativity

Anything goes when it comes to how much you put into your tablescaping, but it should be something you really enjoy putting together and we hope these tips have helped give you some ideas. If you would like Alle Interiors to help with a particular room in your home; please just get in touch.

For more information on the services Alle Interiors offer; please go to www.alle-interiors.co.uk where you can also look through all the interior design products and collections, we offer to help make your house a home.

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